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Projected Expenses
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Program Fees
The lacrosse coaching staff and athletics administration at CDM are not involved in the process of establishing the amount of the fair portion contribution, nor accepting the funds. Within the Sea King lacrosse program, there is no correlation between financial contributions and playing opportunity. All questions or concerns regarding fair portion contributions should be directed to members of the CDM Lacrosse Boosters.

Estimated Lacrosse Equipment Costs
All Surf Dawg lacrosse players must have the necessary legal equipment to play lacrosse: stick, helmet, gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads, protective cup, cleats and mouthpiece. Goalies are not required to wear arm pads or shoulder pads, but must wear a chest protector and throat guard.

During some clinics or "try-it-out" periods, the Surf Dawg lacrosse program May have limited quantities of equipment available for new players to use. Once these young pups decide they are going to continue to play in the program, they will be responsible for securing their own equipment.

Lacrosse is a very unique sport. In addition to the regular Surf Dawg season, most players continue to play throughout the year in various outside programs and leagues, as well as attend summer camps and clinics. Participation in all of these additional activities requires the same equipment. This is the primary reason why lacrosse players, unlike youth football players, purchase their own gear. 

The estimated investment for all of the necessary equipment is $450. With the exception of the gloves, the majority of this equipment will last most of the player's youth career.

Helmet: $125 
Gloves: $75 
Stick: $100
Arm Pads: $45
Shoulder Pads: $45
Cleats (football, lacrosse or soccer): $50
Mouthpiece: $10

Please note, many of the local sporting goods stores and lacrosse specialty stores offer youth starter sets.