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Camps / Clinics
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Recommended Lacrosse Camps and Clinics

It has been said by many a wise dog handler "you can't teach an old dog new tricks." While that may or may not be true, it is certain all Surf Dawgs can benefit from the lacrosse version of "obedience school."

There are many lacrosse camps and clinics available to kids of all ages and ability levels. We believe the key to choosing the right camp is to first determine the proper learning environment for the player's skill level, then select the camp which offers the best opportunity for his or her improvement as a player. The Surf Dawg coaching staff is happy to help you determine what type of environment would be appropriate for your child's level of skill development.

We cannot emphasize enough the best lacrosse camps are not about the "star power" of the staff, the gear, the location or the activities. The best camps are about teaching the game and effectively managing the overall quality of the experience.

In most sports, the best players do not necessarily make the best teachers and coaches. Lacrosse is no different. Many of the more talented players have only half of an idea how they are able to do what they do and even less of an idea how to communicate it to others. Conversely, most of the sport's greatest teachers and coaches were average players, who developed a greater understanding of the game in their search for ways to "outsmart" the better players.

Our listing of the best lacrosse camps and clinics includes only those programs in which we have a high degree of confidence regarding the quality of the lacrosse experience and the manner in which the kids in attendance are treated.

For the beginner, some of the local camps and clinics are more than adequate to help the player continue to develop his or her fundamental skills. As players develop, we recommend looking at a few of the better teaching camps in the east. Although the game is growing rapidly in the west, the number of quality coaches is still very limited so a trip to the sport's more traditional areas offers a great experience. Lastly, we encourage the more serious and talented players to pursue attending one of the better position specific and/or "recruiting exposure" camps back east.