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Frequently Asked Questions
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When was the Newport Beach Surf Dawgs first year?

What kind of coaching can I expect my son to receive?

The Surf Dawgs offer a coaching staff that we feel is unrivaled in Orange County and throughout California.  We are fortunate to have a tenured staff available to teach youth boys in Newport Beach.  Our coaches have played at highly competitive Division I, II, III schools in MD, NY, NJ, PA, OH, VA, NC, TX, MA and CA. Surf Dawg coaches have had the privilege of coaching players that have gone on to play at Division I lacrosse powerhouses such as Notre Dame, Yale, Denver, Drexel, Loyola, Brown, Holy Cross and Lehigh as well as local universities such as UCSB, Cal Poly SLO and others.

Surf Dawg coaches are committed to teaching the game the way it was intended to be played and are passionate about growing the game outside of traditional east coast hotbeds.  Most of our Surf Dawg staff members coach at Corona del Mar High School and some have returned to us as former CDM and Harbor graduates.   All donate countless hours to be with your sons so that they can have an opportunity to give back to the sport that has given them so much.  Corona del Mar High School features a highly competitive lacrosse program led by Surf Dawg founder and Executive Director, G.W. Mix.  Coach Mix enters his 11th season as head coach for the Sea Kings in 2020.  He and his staff led the Kings to their first Southern Section and South Division CIF Championship in 2012 (24-0), won the CIF Southern Section-South Division Championship in 2016, and has not missed a CIF playoff since CDM became a sanctioned CIF sport in 2007.

What is the inclement weather protocol?

When in doubt as to whether we have practice or a game, please check our website. We update our Facebook page when there is not enough time to send emails out about game or practice cancellations and we are need to keep you all posted with a up-to-the-minute news.
Lacrosse players not only play when the sun is out but they play in the rain, mud, wind and cold. Lightning and field closure are the only times we won’t play.  If we have time and are able to, we will update the website that a game/practice is cancelled or postponed. Lastly, we will send out an email.

A wise friend from New Jersey once told me, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” 

What kind of equipment do I need to purchase for my son in order for him to participate in lacrosse with the Newport Beach Surf Dawgs?


Shoulder Pads

Elbow Pads


Mouthpiece (mandatory)

Cleats (football or soccer)

Protective Cup (optional but recommended)

Where can I buy lacrosse equipment?

Monkey Sports SuperStore

1962 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA 92606

(714) 210-2949 

Dicks Sporting Goods and Sports Authority can also have good deals if you know what you are looking for.  Expect the staff to not be as knowledgeable as a specialty store but they may have what you need at a good price.  Play it Again Sports may also have used, serviceable equipment.  Many websites such as lax.com, lacrosse.com, bluecollarlacrosse.com and many more all offer a wide variety of lacrosse equipment.

When is the main youth lacrosse season?

Our main lacrosse season is in the Winter with games beginning in early December and concluding with a playoff weekend at the end of February.  The Dawgs have traditionally played in the OCLA (www.oclax.org) for both Winter and Spring Seasons.   Fall is reserved for "Box" or Indoor Lacrosse.  Fall Box Lacrosse with the Dawgs is an invitiation only opportunity.  The Surf Dawgs also travel and play in competitive tournaments throughtout the year which are also 'invite only' and is reserved for our most dedicated and skilled players.

How many practices are there during the winter, the Dawgs primary lacrosse season?

Practices usually begin the first Sunday of December.  The Dawgs will practice every Sunday just before Christmas break.  After the New Year, practices then bump to twice per week during January and February.  Sunday practices are at Corona del Mar HS while one weekday practice on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday will be at Eastbluff from 3:45-5:15PM.   If your son's team has a game rescheduled for a Sunday, then he would not have practice also that day.  Please check back to the Surf Dawg Calendar for practice dates and times once we get closer to start of season.

How many games are typically played in a season?

Each team will play approximately 8 games in the winter season including playoff games, weather and schedule permitting. During the Spring Season they typically play 6-8 games plus at least one playoff game.  

When are the games typically played during the Winter lacrosse season?

During the winter lacrosse season, games are usually played on Saturdays with some games falling on a Friday or Saturday night. If we are rained out, games may be rescheduled to Sunday.

On occasion we schedule playdays or mini-tournaments outside of the various season game schedules.  These playdays may yield as many as two to three 50 minute games in one day.

When I sign up our son for the Winter lacrosse season, what is included in the cost?

Your son will receive a reversible practice jersey, a numbered game jersey, a pair of game shorts and a "shooter" shirt, backpack and custom Surf Dawg helmet decals.  

We are new to the Surf Dawg program and want our son to play in Winter League or Spring League.  How do we get on a team?

The best way to get started is to attend our clinics in the Fall so that we are aware of your interest in participating in league play. 

What is a practice squad player, what are the benefits and why is it beneficial?

Practice squad players are an option to those families that would like to their son to get their foot in the door, when a team(s) in their son's age group has a full roster.  There is a fee to participate and the player should attend every practice to better their skills and prepare for the opportunity to get called up for participation in a game.  If the head coach knows that he will be missing several full time players during league play, he may email a practice player family and invite them to play in the game.  The Practice Squad is very important to those boys that need to work on skills and it offers a way for parents that are late in registering and want to get their kids involved with lacrosse.  All practice squad players play on our White teams for U11 and U13 and are developmental teams.  They compete against and with other boys of similar ability.

How are the boys grouped onto teams?
The league in which the Dawgs play in the winter, the OCLA (Orange County Lacrosse Association) has grade based divisions from 4-8th Grade. 

8th Grade - A, B

7th Grade - A, B

6th Grade - A, B

4th/5th Grade - A, B

3rd/4th Grade - A, B

U9 - 2nd/3rd Grade (7vs7 Format, smaller field)

Based on those registrations for a given season, we divide the boys up into A and B teams.  In some cases, we combine boys by similar grades in order to make a team.  For example, if we have six 5th graders and fourteen 4th graders of beginner to intermediate ability, we will form a team 4th/5ths to play in the 5th Grade B division.  Boys can play up in a grade division but never in the grade below.

There are exceptions to every rule and we will place your son on the appropriate team and have the freedom and flexibility to move him from one team to another based on his ability.  

White Team
Beginners, developmental and intermediate players will be designated to one of the Surf Dawg White Teams.  White Team players may be asked to participate in additional opportunities outside of Winter League play.

We respectfully ask that you refrain from emailing and asking if your son can be elevated to a Blue Team.  The Surf Dawg coaching staff will determine which team your son will be on based on his current and projected skill level and athletic ability.  Your son's development will have been taken into careful consideration when making the selection.

- Rosters for White Teams are first come, first serve.  Once a team roster is full, your son will have the option of joining our Practice Squad.  For more information on Practice Squad and other important information for new players, please visit our 
- Player Fee includes game uniform, practice reversible, helmet decals and other Surf Dawg apparel. 
- All White Team players will play in approximately 9-11 OCLA League games including playoffs, weather permitting.
- Games are typically on Saturdays, occasionally on Sundays if rained out.  Friday evening games a possibility.
- Teams and roster compositions may be adjusted through December with players sliding either up or down based on ability, current grade and overall registrants per grade.
- Each team will practice once per week through the end of December on Sundays at Corona del Mar High School.  Beginning in January, Surf Dawgs will practice 2 times per week through the end of February on Sundays at Corona del Mar High School (Time TBD) and then once per week at Eastbluff Elementary on either Tues, Wed, or Thurs (3:30-5:15PM).
- OCLA Playoff Weekend February 27/28th

Blue Team
Participation on a Blue team will be by invitation only and is for advanced skill level players.
- Player Fee includes game uniform, practice reversible, helmet decals and other Surf Dawg apparel. 
- Players will have the option to compete at Sand Storm Festival and the Airstation Shootout.  Tournament player fee is not included in the winter league player fee of $350.
- Players will play in approximately 5-6 OCLA League games, weather permitting.
- Games are typically on Saturdays, occasionally on Sundays if rained out.  Friday evening games a possibility.  
- Players will not have OCLA games scheduled on Jan 15/16, Jan 23/24, Feb 13/14
- Each team will practice once per week through the end of December on Sundays at Corona del Mar High School.  Beginning in January, Surf Dawgs will practice 2 times per week through the end of February on Sundays at Corona del Mar High School (Time TBD) and then once per week at Eastbluff Elementary on Tues, Wed, or Thurs (3:30-5:15PM).
- OCLA Playoff Weekend February 27/28t

When do Surf Dawg typically hold their Clinic Series?

Surf Dawgs will offer clinics throughout the year and are usually held at Corona del Mar High School.  We offer a Clinic Series in the Spring (March), two in the Summer (June and August) and will offer a Fall Clinic in October/November.  Clinics usually are made up of (3-4) two hour sessions.  "Drop-ins" are accepted but we prefer online registration as this covers your son immediately under our Liability Insurance and eliminates the need for parents and players to have to fill in time consuming paperwork prior to the clinic.  Beginners and experienced players are all welcome and encouraged to participate whenever clinics are made available.  Loaner gear for beginners is available at each clinic so that boys may "try-it-out".

I’m interested in private and/or group lessons.  Who do I contact for information?

Please contact Andy Chalupa for information regarding individual or group private lessons at andy@nbsurfdawgs.com or call/text 949.648.8800

In addition to his equipment, what should my son have at every clinic, practice and game?


Mouthpiece (mandatory)

Reversible Jersey for practice

Numbered Jersey and Game Shorts for League Games

What time should I have my son at the field before practices and games?

Practices begin promptly at the time scheduled and every effort should be made to get your son there on time or 15 mintues before (Please Google: Lombardi Time).  However, due to traffic and other circumstances, we understand if you are running late to drop off your son.  A text or email is appreciated by the coaching staff if your son cannot attend or is going to be late.  

A good rule of thumb for games is to arrive at the fields 45 minutes prior to face-off.  We ask that you arrive early so that the coaches can take attendance and get the boys stretched and properly warmed up before the game.  We appreciate your support in getting your son to the field with adequate time to get dressed and ready to play.

If I know I can’t get my son to a game, what should I do?

Please email your head coach or contact Coach Chalupa with as much advance notice as possible if you need help to arrange a carpool or if you know he cannot make the game.