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College Lacrosse
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Playing Lacrosse In College

As you are becoming aware, the sport of lacrosse has  exploded in Southern California and is rapidly gaining popularity among student-athletes on the campuses at CDM and Newport Harbor.

While many of our kids are playing lacrosse as a secondary and complimentary sport to their primary sport of soccer or football, there are quite a few who are focussing on lacrosse first and hope to be able to continue to play it after high school.

The beauty of lacrosse in our area is that many of the traditional schools to which our kids already go have collegiate lacrosse club programs and some of these schools have coaches who do have some impact on the college admissions process.

For those who are fortunate enough to develop to a higher level of lacrosse over the next few years, the better traditional NCAA varsity programs in both Division I and Division III tend to be on the campuses of the most reputable colleges and universities in the country.

NCAA Division I Programs

NCAA Division II Programs

NCAA Division III Programs

MCLA Collegiate Club Programs